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Arlington, MA, 2474

Facts About Me

Breed: Golden Retriever
Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut

Age: adult
Size: Large 61-100 lbs (28-45 kg)

Sex: f
Pet ID: 25182813

Facts About Me





My Story

Hi Folks!

My name is Chanelle and I am a sweet, goofy, high energy and strong Golden Retriever. The vet thinks I am about 1.5 to 2 years old because I have beautiful pearly whites ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ I had a really rough start at the beginning of my life but the ladies and gentlemen at Legacy Rescue said those days are behind me. They also said I need some training as I get very excited when I meet people and jump on them to XOXO. Really? WhatÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩs the matter with some TLC? But they insist I donÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩt hug and kiss ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩListen, Rome wasnÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩt built on a day I tell ya! I am going to learn even if I think itÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩs silly ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ

I am a strong girl and people keep telling me to ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩheelÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ when I try to walk them. I think I will figure out what ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩheelÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ means but hey I am just trying to give you the exercise you so need ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩ Again whatÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩs wrong with that?

So if anyone wants to commit to be my family, help me ÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩlearn new mannersÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩption Application on and donÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩt forget to mention my name which is as sassy as I am 🙂

No appointments without Adoption Applic

Shelter Info

Shelter Name: Legacy Rescue Inc

City: Arlington
State: MA

Postal Code: 2474
Country: US

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