Juno Brown

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Cuba, NY, 14727

Facts About Me

Breed: Chihuahua
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn

Age: senior
Size: Small 25 lbs (11 kg) or less

Sex: f
Pet ID: 19132322

Facts About Me




My Story

Thank You Leroy Brown!

One of our loyal supporters and adopters, Irene Hart, wished to save these lives in honor of her big boy, Leroy Brown, who is living like a prince since Irene adopted him. She asked Leroy to please explain why THEY decided to sponsor a life-saving transport, and here’s what Leroy had to say: ‘Hi, I’m Leroy Brown. I’m not scared, hungry or lonely anymore. Because of Joyful Rescues, life is good….I’ve been adopted into a loving home. I wanted to support a transport, and my mom agreed. We want dogs and cats, from those high kill shelters to find their forever homes too. The transport makes a difference in many lives, and we wanted to be part of that.’ Heartfelt thanks from all of us at Joyful Rescues, and especially from the lucky passengers that will now be anxious to meet their ‘forever families’ because of their generous sponsorship.
Juno was born about November 22, 2009 and weighs about 13 lbs.  Her story is the saddest of them all!  She was in a southern foster home and delivered 2 puppies, one died right away.  They asked if we’d take her and the surviving babe – of course!  The foster mom met our truck and took Juno from the carrier and found the other pup had died.  What a sad moment for everyone.  But we still had Juno who looked just awful.  She was underweight, lethargic and terribly bloodshot eyes and barely any appetite but was drinking a lot.  Thank you to Sue Carlson who sponsored her medical care with Dr. Nachbar we learned that Juno is diabetic.  We were sad, but at least we had a diagnosis.  Well, time to learn about diabetes!  It is felt that a dog with diabetes has about a 3 year lifespan once the disease begins proper treatment, but some don’t do well and pass sooner.  Juno is getting 2 units of N insulin 2xday and has SO improved!!!   She is gaining weight beautifully, eating normal food now, and her eyes are filled with love!!  More blood work will be needed to determine if this is the right dose for her, but what we are doing has surely made a difference.  The insulin is inexpensive and so are the needles so we are giving this our best ‘shot’!  We don’t know how long she has left, but we are going to make her comfortable up to the very end unless we find that one amazing human that will accept her into your home so she can be loved and pampered again until it is her time to leave and when that happens it will be YOU that she waits for at the other end of the Rainbow Bridge!!!!   She is loving to us and wonderful with the other dogs.  She just needs a safe place to rest herself…for awhile.  The staff in the southern shelters don’t ask a lot of questions on intake as they feel it is embarrassing to the family relinquishing their pets as the reason is so often financial.  So, this is all we know so far and will be learning as we go and so will you.  Here is an update from Juno:  Hi everyone! My name is Juno, but my foster mom is calling me June. She thinks it is more pretty. My people here realized I am blind in addition to having diabetes. It only took two days for me to find my way around my small home here. I am so funny. I must go outside through one door and have to come in the other door so I know where I am!! I do need to be let out often.  My foster people call me and make kissy sounds so that I know where I need to go. Sometimes I may lightly bump into something, but they gently guide me to go where I need to go.I respond to sounds very well. We have been working hard on regulating my blood sugar and we think we have the hang of it! Dr. Nachbar in Springville has been taking good care of me! My people do my blood glucose two times every day. Once when I wake up, and once before I go to bed. Sometimes I need special glucose testing days by my people to make sure I get the correct amount of insulin. I take two injections a day of insulin to keep me under control. My people here say it’s pretty easy and I’m becoming a very good sport about it all! They just pet me and tell me I’m a good girl after shots and glucose testing. I also LOVE TO EAT!! My nose is super strong since I can’t see and you need to keep all food out of my reach! I just can’t help myself and even though I am blind, I am able to tip over garbage cans,and I am eager to find my way to get at food no matter what, LOL!! The keep all food on high counters or inside cabinets to keep me in line. I am such a cuddly girl and I just LOVE when the people in my foster home rub my belly! I roll right over! Another funny thing I do is point my nose up to the sky so my people can rub under my chin!! That is my FAVORITE!! My favorite way to relax is to bury myself under blankets! They are just so warm and we Chihuahuas just love to feel cuddly and warm. I would just love to be in a home that would love me even though I have this little health issue. I promise I will not let you down.
The Adoption Fee for this dog is $75.00
Adoptions fees vary based on adoptability. In general our fees include spay/neuter, all age appropriate vaccines, Home Again micro-chipping & registration, worming & flea control – a ‘complete’ pet. We accept CASH or Visa/Mastercard ONLY. 
Joyful Rescues has no funding except for our adoption fees and miscellaneous donations. Pet care and vet bills are expensive – you must be ready to take on this financial (as well as emotional) responsibility.


We keep our pet list as up-to-date as possible. As soon as a pet is adopted, it is removed from the list. If a pet is still showing, it is still available for adoption.
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Shelter Name: Joyful Rescues, Inc.

City: Cuba
State: NY

Postal Code: 14727
Country: US

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